Commercial Duct Cleaning: What You Need to Know

Don't skip on maintaining your HVAC system! Learn why commercial duct cleaning is important for improving indoor air quality & reducing energy costs.

Commercial Duct Cleaning: What You Need to Know

You've invested a lot of money in heating and cooling your commercial property. Don't skip cleaning and maintaining that system. Over time, as the HVAC system performs its function of heating, cooling, and moving air, dust and dirt degrade its performance. And most importantly, when the ducts get dirty, the air is filled with particles and allergens, and that's a problem.

Therefore, it's important to include commercial duct cleaning considerations as part of your regular maintenance plans. At a time of national concern over airborne viruses, indoor air quality is key to building health. The spread of viruses, such as the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, is a major concern for commercial building owners and managers. However, there are other dangers as well. And look at the final result.

When systems work harder, energy costs increase, and that burns money. The good news is that commercial duct cleaning is an affordable way to avoid high energy costs and improve building safety. However, not all cleaning services are the same. Duct cleaning should be considered before hiring a supplier. Before hiring your commercial duct cleaning services, ask the provider a few questions and make sure they are NADCA certified.

Check if they offer the services listed below. Get an overview of your system's performance. An HVAC evaluation lets you know what parts need to be repaired and which need to be replaced, and how quickly. It tells you how well the system works and analyzes what it costs you. You must schedule an HVAC evaluation at least once a year.

The pure duct is a specialized method that is introduced into the interior of the duct network by means of high-pressure air turbulence. This pressure dislodges dust and dirt, which are then removed by a powerful suction system with a HEPA filter. For a safer building with healthier employees, consider all of the above points from commercial duct cleaning services. Additional energy savings also help the results. Are you ready to get your air conditioning system working at peak performance again? Contact Pure Air Controls today to find out how our commercial duct cleaning services improve the indoor air quality of your facility.

By taking steps to ensure that your commercial HVAC system and heating equipment are working properly this winter, take care of the ductwork in your commercial buildings as well. In addition to making sure that the duct system is in good shape and well sealed to prevent air leaks, you should also schedule a thorough cleaning of the ducts. Here are some of the reasons why cleaning commercial building ducts will result in greater indoor comfort, better HVAC system performance, and higher indoor air quality. Because the duct network is above the ceiling and usually out of sight, it's easy not to think about cleaning it. However, a dirty duct network is the perfect breeding ground for mites, mold, bacteria, viruses, and other poisons that are toxic to the environment. This is why duct cleaning in commercial facilities is an important part of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for everyone who enters through doors.

Cleaning plant ducts is the first step in removing all contaminants and allergens in the air they breathe. There are many reasons why commercial buildings should be cleaned. The most important thing are the employees who work in the building. Sick building syndrome is a health condition that can occur and reduce work efficiency and increase absenteeism. Sick building syndrome is a situation that occurs when the occupants of a building begin to experience some health problems directly related to the air quality in the building.

This could be a wide or contained building in a particular area. Occupants may have headache, nausea, eye, nose, or throat irritation, dry cough, itchy skin, and a variety of other symptoms. They will report that symptoms ease after leaving the building. The only way to completely remove these contaminants from the air you breathe is by routinely cleaning HVAC ducts and installing disinfection systems with UVC light. When you're ready to clean the ductwork in your commercial building, contact your trusted local HVAC service provider to see if they also offer duct cleaning. The equipment used to clean the ducts is noisy, the system will need to be turned off, there are air lines and hoses running through the building for cleaning, and it can interrupt normal business operations. To clean according to the NADCA standard, the air conditioning system is subjected to negative air pressure and source extraction techniques are used to clean the ducts.

We spoke with Scott Brown, Director of National Accounts at AdvantaClean, to get some answers to frequently asked questions about cleaning air ducts and the warning signs to watch out for to know that it's time to schedule a cleaning. Fortunately, regular cleaning of air conditioning ducts and installing UVC light can significantly help reduce levels of bacteria and the spread of viruses while increasing the quality of your building's indoor air. Otherwise, your regular contractor should be able to recommend you to a trustworthy duct cleaning company. By having your commercial building's ductwork cleaned by a professional you'll ensure that any accumulation of unpleasant material has been removed and that the air moving through your HVAC system is as clean and fresh as possible.

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